Frequently Asked Question

What is Mewline?

Mewline is a Wholesale marketplace for products, making it easier and cheaper for independent retail businesses to buy from brands and makers from internationally. Products are purchased directly from Mewline via sellers that ship the goods and are intended for resale purposes and not for consumption.

Who Can buy from the marketplace?

We allow independent retailer outlets to buy from our store , We don’t allow third-party marketplace resellers (Amazon,).

How to track my order?

Once the seller has dispatched your order, you'll receive an update with a tracking link and ID on your order page and on email.

What do I do if my order has damaged/ missing products?

All damaged or missing items must be reported within 7 days from the date of receiving . After this time, your order will be automatically validated as received by our systems. You may report any damaged or missing products directly to our or Whatsup +447776786052, this will automatically generate a request to our support team.If it's more than 7 days to report, It may take more time to solve the issue, but we do our best to solve it faster.

What is the lead time to receive products?

Lead time is when brands' shipping time after order has been accepted by brands. Products sold on Mewline are ready to ship. However, there may be occasions in which you experience delays with regards to handling and shipping time. The lead time depends on the location of brands and retailers. It can vary from 10 days to 1 month due to customs clearance or vice versa.

If you experience an abnormally long delay on one of your orders, please report on Whatsapp +447776786052

How are the shipping fees applied?

We charge you a flat shipping approximate fee based on product weight and location, we do our utmost to provide the best price to our customers.

How does shipping work?

Once your order has been accepted, you will receive an email with the expected order shipping date. On the expected ship date, brands will ship your order using their own fulfillment carrier of choice.
Products that ship from another country will be reviewed at customs upon import into your country and are subject to duties and taxes.

Can I use product images from Mewline?

Yes! You are authorized to use product photos from Mewline for your website as long as they are for resale purposes only and are only of items you purchased on our platform.

If you wish to use a brand's photos on your social media, please contact the brand through our Mewline messenger for permission. Please also be sure to give photo credit to the brand in any approved posts.

Please note: You may NOT use photos from Faire for any paid advertising initiatives (ex. Facebook ads, etc) or sell the items directly on third party sites, such as:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Poshmark
  • Other marketplaces

What’s the status of my order?

  1. Order status will be New when order has been placed.
  2. Order status will be Accepted order has been Accepted by seller.
  3. Order status will be Fulfilled when order has been fulfilled.
  4. Order status will be Canceled when order has been Canceled by the seller.

Note Customer can not canceled order once order has been placed, they need to contact mewline team to cancel the order our team contact.

How can I cancel an order?

Customer can not canceled order once order has been placed, they need to contact mewline team to cancel the order our team contact , Mewline can cancel an order as long as the brand hasn’t started processing it yet.

What if my order hasn’t shipped?

Email us with order number and shipping details

Do I have to pay customs and VAT/TAX fees on Mewline?

You will need to pay duty fees to the carrier to release the goods. Mewline follows the 'Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) system', which means that duty fees are payable by the retailer on delivery of the products. When purchasing an imported product, the total checkout amount displayed is exclusive of VAT and customs duties. These fees depend on the products, and you will find more information on your country's customs website.

Can I change my address after an order is shipped?

We strongly encourage you to double-check the address before placing any orders to avoid any possible missed deliveries. In case you find yourself in need of amending the delivery address, the process will be slightly different depending on the order status.

In case you find yourself in need of amending the delivery address, the process will be slightly different depending on the order status.

The order hasn’t been Fulfilled yet

Please contact our customer support team and they will try to assist you. Please bear in mind that, based on many factors, there is no guarantee that an address change will be possible.

The order has been Fulfilled

Depending on the carrier, it might be possible to change the delivery address directly with the carrier. We advise you to try to contact the carrier directly to seek this opportunity or to reach out to the brand and they might be able to help with shipments executed by their own transportation partners.

Importing goods into EU & USA from Asia, south america and africa.


Products imported into the USA, EU or the UK are subject to customs review at the port of entry and subject to duties and taxes. Due to a lack of visibility on the customs duties to be paid.

EORI Numbers and TAX/VAT number

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) and VAT/TAX number is used as an identification number in all customs procedures - it tells the customs authorities what you are importing. An EORI and VAT/TAX number is not required to complete the checkout process on Mewline but having one helps prevent any potential delays during the customs clearance process. please add it in the 'account Settings' page of your Mewline account.

What are Importer Responsibilities ?

Retailers on Mewline are responsible for the regulatory compliance of the products they import into their countries. Please note that Mewline bears no responsibility for any additional taxes, duties, clearance and compliance processes, or brokerage applicable as a result of importation. Please bear in mind that in certain countries specific types of goods may require additional documentation and formalities. It remains the sole responsibility of the importer to ensure those formalities are fulfilled.

Dropshipping: Is it allowed on Mewline ?

It's a question we often get, NO but today we provide B2B services. Suppliers send their orders directly to the retailers